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To generate Value through Technology, like the Oyster delivering the Pearl

Affiliations & Memberships
ECnet believes in actively participating in industry associations as it creates a platform for ECnet to enhance interaction with industries to measure the industry excellence and to facilitate connections.
  • SPETA – Singapore Precision Engineering & Technology Association,
    The Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association(SPETA) is a trade association representing locally registered companies engaged in the manufacturing of moulds and dies, jigs and fixtures, metal stamping, metal castings, plastic and rubber mouldings, precision machining, photonic and semi-conductor equipment, aerospace, automotive and medical parts as well as in providing services related to the precision engineering and technology industry. For more information, visit

  • SMF – Singapore Manufacturing Federation,
    The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), formerly known as the Singapore Manufacturers' Association, was first established in 1932. Its main aim is to champion the Singapore manufacturing sector. Our mission is to represent the interest of the Singapore manufacturing community and to drive its competitiveness and sustainable growth through serving industry-specific needs. For more information, visit

  • SBF - The Singapore Business Federation
    is the apex business chamber that champions the interests of the Singapore business community in trade, investment and industrial relations. It represents more than 15,000 companies as well as the local and foreign business chambers and key national and industry associations from business sectors that contribute significantly to the Singapore economy. For more information, visit

  • MDeC – Multimedia Development Corporation
    MDeC is incorporated under the Companies Act of Malaysia, and owned and funded by the Government. At MDeC, we combine the entrepreneurial efficiency and effectiveness of a private company with the decision-making authority of a high-powered government agency. Our role is to advise the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, develop MSC Malaysia-specific practises, and set breakthrough standards for multimedia operations. We also promote MSC Malaysia locally and globally, as well as support companies which are locating and located within MSC Malaysia. We are dedicated to ensuring MSC Malaysia is the world's best environment to harness the full potential of ICT. MDeC is a champion, facilitator and partner. We champion the merits of MSC Malaysia, facilitate the entry of companies and partner with the Government and the private sector in realising both a vision and an opportunity. For more information, visit

  • SCCCI - Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    Established in 1906, the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) is an internationally renowned business organisation and the apex body of the Chinese business community in Singapore. It is the founder of the biennial World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention and the World Chinese Business Network (,a global online business information portal. It plays a key and pro-active role in representing the interests of the local business community. For more information, visit

  • FMM - Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers
    The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) is Malaysia's premier economic organisation. Since its establishment in 1968, the FMM has consistently led Malaysian manufacturers in spearheading the nation's growth and modernisation. Today, as the largest private sector economic organisation in Malaysia representing over 3,000 manufacturing and industrial service companies of varying sizes, the FMM is the officially recognised and acknowledged voice of the industry. For more information, visit

  • TLAPS – Thai Logistics and Production Society
    Thai Logistics and Production Society (TLAPS) is a non-profit organization formed by Dr. Krizz Chantjiraporn, whom is also the founding president. Under his leadership, TLAPS has been actively promoting logistics and supply chain management in Thailand. With the engagement in education, research and development of innovation for logistics, supply chain and purchasing management, including the human resources and talents nurturing, TLAPS main objective is to increase the competitiveness of Thailand in this region. For more information, visit

  • MRCA – Malaysia Retail Chain Association,
    Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) was founded in year 1992. MRCA acts as an avenue for retail businesses to network and exchange ideas, share resources and to promote the healthy expansion of the retail industry and abroad. Since its establishment, MRCA has developed into a very strong organization, comprising of over 440 leading retail chain stores operators as well as franchisors, and covering more than 25,000 outlets throughout Malaysia. For more information, visit