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To generate Value through Technology, like the Oyster delivering the Pearl

Words from the President

Greetings and welcome to ECnet!

Globalization has tremendously increased the competitiveness among organizations. It is very essential that these organizations stay ahead from others through achieving better operational processes, reducing unnecessary costs, improve productivity and react instantly to rapid market changes. This is where the technology comes in and this is the purpose of ECnet’s existence.

Since its establishment in 1995, ECnet has been instrumental in providing solutions for organizations of various sizes and industries, specifically in the fields of Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Solutions and System Integration. Throughout these years, we have been well-acknowledged with awards and recognitions from our partners and customers.

Our milestones and achievements were led by experienced management team and supported by a pool of passionate, proactive and committed talents. With that, we strive to serve more organizations in the future with our products and services.

We, at ECnet hope you and your organization will come into picture as we journey along the age of information and technology.

Thank you!

KM Chan,