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JDA Transportation & Logistics Management
JDA software helps the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers and wholesaler-distributors to achieve tangible benefits by enabling visibility, collaboration and synchronization across their networks. Here are some real results that our customers have achieved with JDA Transportation Management solution:

  • Achieved 8 percent annual reduction in transportation cost
  • Realized 10 percent improvement in load consolidation
  • Improved planner productivity by 67 percent
  • Achieved 100 percent return on investment within one year
  • Increased capacity utilization to save more than $200 million annually
  • Improved time to value through the development of a global template
  • Effected regional deployments with localized execution
  • Managed 15,000 orders daily per site; two - minute machine time
  • Created a true shared service structure leveraging synergies across all product divisions
  • Expanded strategic use to the creation of a revenue - generating third - party logistics entity
  • Achieved $8 million in freight savings in first year of implementation, and continued realizing incremental savings of $12 million to $14 million each year through innovation and a holistic approach
  • Increased efficiency in warehouses and carrier operations
  • Improved service levels including on - time delivery by 20 - 40 percent
  • Decreased carrier turn - down rate by as much as 40 percent
  • Improved customer fill rates by 20 - 30 percent
  • Improved in - stock position by 5 - 35 percent
  • Reduced lead and cycle time by 25 - 75 percent