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Loftware - Label Print
With the ability to centralize your enterprise labeling system, print up to millions of labels a day with amazing throughput, and deliver critical print status information in real time, the Loftware Print Server (LPS) over-delivers.

Loftware Label Print Server
Getting the right label to the right printer, at the right time, is paramount in a global economy where business agility to meet market demands and regulations gives you the competitive edge. Labels and documents are key components to your supply chain's performance. If threaded correctly throughout the organization, your enterprise labeling solution can become your greatest asset. An Enterprise Lifecycle Printing solution (ELP) must easily scale and handle high volumes of label throughput accurately, and without fail. Inefficiencies in the system affect delivery schedules; hurting your business with imposed fines and penalties from your distributors, clients and countries. Proper labeling is expected, but when failure in compliance, using the wrong label template, or a printer problem places your business at risk, the power of the right print server is of utmost importance.

Loftware Label Manager
The Loftware Label Manager is a label design and printing package that facilitates customer and internal labeling mandates. With it, you can create virtually any type of barcode labels. Low volume printing can be achieved with one of the included "stand alone" printing modules. Labels created can also be used with the Loftware Print Server for large-scale printing and/or integration with Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain or Warehouse Management Systems.